Modelo Barcaza

Project in final phase. This model is offered with a fully painted kit or collectors edition, the paint pattern has been done by John Simmons and will serve as a guide for the collectors edition. This model will be manufactured using cast resin, the dimensions are 71cm long, approximately 1/42 scale. The digital files will soon be published as well, there are very few days left for this long project to see the light. The candles are made of textile material, without a doubt an extra that I love.

The paint job is simply the best, thanks to John Simmons for collaborating on this great project.


590 € ( gastos de envio no incluidos) modelo fabricado en resina.

Payment can be made through paypal:
Sergio Gutierrez


Teléfono: 615 42 62 06

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Dirección: Spain

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